Introducing ChristGen Ministries

ChristGen Ministries is a contemporary church in Parow, with the mission of helping people to build a relationship with God, and reaching their souls. Our ultimate aim for our congregation is to get them involved, equip them with the knowledge and wisdom of the Word of God, and send them out to spread God’s love to the world. The ChristGen Ministries’ vision coincides with this, as it is to bring hope to people, to change lives as can be seen in Peter, verse 1:21: so that your faith and hope are (centered and rest) in God.

ChristGen Ministries is a dynamic, relevant and funky church with lots of passion for God and His people. We strive to put forward our vision of hope and change through the message of Jesus Christ.  Our church is a place of acceptance and peace, and we offer a variety of services, such as baptisms, children’s dedications, information evenings, Bible study courses, as well as a successful and enlightening Christian School! In all that we do, ChristGen Ministries aims to uphold and spread the message and love of Jesus Christ, in order to help people live a more fulfilling and positive life.

What we offer

ChristGen Ministries provides a range of Christian services for all our members, including the following:

  • Aion Youth: Aion Youth is a ministry for all our teenagers from grade 7-12, and we meet every Friday for youth evenings. Games are ready to be enjoyed from 18:30 (foosball, anyone?) and meetings begin at 19:30 and end at 21:30.
  • Sunday Worship: We have a selection of teams available on Sundays, who are there to serve people, give them direction and offer advice. All our members are welcome to join a team.
  • Seniors: Our seniors are such a lively and fun group of people, who love to have fellowship together and glorify God with each other and others. Each year we take them on a trip to see different and exciting places!
  • CG Kids: Kid’s Church is an exciting weekly celebration of God’s gospel for little ones aged 6-13 years. It is delivered through music, games, plays, interactive sermons and altar times.
  • Intercession: The Intercession Group meets every Sunday at 9am and 5pm, to pray together. On the last Friday of every month, there is a Prayer between 10pm-6am, and at 12pm we have communion.  
  • Much, much more!

For more information on the various services and sermons available at ChristGen Ministries, please feel free to visit our website or contact us directly. We look forward to welcoming you to the family!

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