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Tygerberg High School first opened its doors in 1954, under leadership of its first principal, Dr M du T Potgieter. The school building, as it is known today, was officially inaugurated in 1981. Our schools aim is to provide learners will all they require to develop into worthy adults, ready to do their part for the South African community.

We focus on all aspects of development and strive to provide learners with all the necessary physical, spiritual, emotional and intellectual skills needs to make a success of their lives forward.

What we offer

At Tygerberg High School, both parents and children can expect premium Afrikaans education, along with activities and development on a range of other fields, including sport, culture, and social life.

Our school is suited for learners from grade 8-12. We offer a wide scope of academic subjects, some compulsory and others voluntarily, to suit the needs of many young learners. We pay a great deal of attention to our academics and this is proven by the matric results of previous learners, that has been exceedingly high for years now.

Some of our subject choices include:

  • Drama
  • Art
  • Music and Dance
  • German
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • History
  • Biology
  • Science
  • CAT (Computer Application Technology)

If you would like your child to thrive in an environment where healthy competition and development is encouraged, then Tygerberg sure is the right choice.

Feel free to go to our site, or to contact us, for your child to become a future ‘Tiger’.

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