Introducing Speck Pumps

Speck Pumps is one of the best-known pool pump brands in the country and across the globe. We manufacture and sell a massive range of pool pumps, filters, cleaners and other essential accessories to help pool owners with the maintenance of their pools. Speck Pumpen, the German parent company of Speck Pumps, was established over 100 years ago, and has since been designing, manufacturing and supplying exceptional and ground-breaking products all over the world. The forst German-produced pumps were used in South Africa in 1969, and since these early beginnings, people have been flocking to us for all pool cleaning and maintenance needs!

The Speck Pumps team strives to keep up-to-date with all the latest developments and advancements in the pool industry technology, and we deliver the best pool cleaning solutions on the market! Every one of our products, including the popular BADU cleaners, are made to last a lifetime!

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    Our product range

    Speck Pumps provides clients with professional assistance in caring and maintaining their pools. We provide the following products, to ensure a beautifully blue and sparkling pool:

    • Pool Pumps
    • Pool Filters
    • Cleaners
    • Saltwater chlorinators
    • Lights
    • Pool accessories such as brushes, thermometers, rakes and skimmers

    The BADU range is our own special in-house manufactured range of fully automatic pool cleaners. This exclusive range provides pool cleaners that are perfectly suited to the diverse cleaning needs of all our clients.

    Speck Pump products will help you maintain a clean and sparkling pool, so contact us or visit our website today to find out more about our products!

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