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If you need to refuel your tank, visit us at Caltex Voortrekker Road – our friendly staff will fill up your tank with a smile! We also provide a selection of other products and services at our station, to ensure that motorists get to and from their destinations safely.

Caltex is one of South Africa’s leading four petroleum suppliers, and we have over 800 service stations around the country, including the conveniently located Caltex Voortrekker Road in Parow. Our fuel is provided by Chevron South Africa, which is a forerunning, international petroleum brand. Caltex has been in business since 1936, giving us almost 80 years of experience with customers! Caltex and Caltex Voortrekker Road believe we know all there is about keeping our customers happy, by providing them with outstanding service and reliable products.

Products and services

At Caltex Voortrekker Road, our business offerings are divided into different units, so that we can take care of more of your needs.

At Caltex Voortrekker Road, we offer the following:

  • Techron Technology: our revolutionary fuel technology results in a longer lifespan for your engine. Techron also prevents the accumulation of grime on your vital engine parts, ensuring the smoother functioning of your vehicle.
  • Lubricants: the engine oils we offer guarantee that your journey is an enjoyable one. We have a selection of oil products available for cars, motorcycles, trucks and busses.
  • Petrol Convenience: at our station, you can fill you fuel-tank from the convenience of your car!
  • Restrooms: we have clean, conveniently located restrooms for our customers, to make long road journeys more comfortable and enjoyable.

Visit Caltex Voortrekker Road for your next fill up and drive away with a smile!

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