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Sip on delicious vintages at these wine estates near Parow

A short drive from the centre of this bustling town will take you to a number of diverse, outstanding wine estates near Parow, many of which have on-site restaurants that are architecturally beautiful and provide a range of food and wine pairing packages for guests to indulge in. On many of the wine estates near Parow, the restaurants have become equally as renowned, offering five-star cuisine to rival international restaurants with food made from outstanding locally sourced produce. The Durbanville Wine Route, which winds through the stunning Tygerberg hills, gives visitors easy access to over nine estates around the corner from the suburb, and it is a complete pleasure to explore these exceptional wine estates near Parow. Some of the most popular wines produced at these estates include Shiraz, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each estate provides an exclusive blend and fresh take on producing their wines, which makes the task of choosing only one to visit almost impossible! Visitors to Parow may have to travel to nearby estates, but the journeys are short and pleasant, and the destinations are well worth the drive! For more details on the abundance of wine estates near Parow, feel free to read the advertisements listed below.