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We at Multisnack have become known for the unrivalled quality of our snacks in recent years! We specialise in the importing, distributing, and manufacturing of a wide range of snacks such as nuts, dried fruits, sweets, seeds, etc. Our company has been active in the trade for many years, and with offices situated in Cape Town and Johannesburg we have become known for the quality and taste of our products nationwide. Clients can rest assured that our factory is fully registered and accredited by health and safety organisations.

We also have another brand available known as our Banting Basics range which caters specifically to our clients following the Banting diet. This range includes easy to use Banting products for everyday recipes.

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Our product range

For superior snacking options that won’t break the bank, be sure to check out the range of products available from Multisnack! Some of the delicious products we supply include:

  • Seeds
  • Dried fruit
  • Sweets
  • Fruit Dainties & Mebos
  • Assorted nuts

For the convenience of all our clients following the Banting programme, we also have a Banting Basics range available to consists of 100% Banting-friendly products. Options include:

  • Alternatives to flour (Coconut flour, Almond flour, Linseed flour, and more)
  • Seed mixes
  • Xylitol

We sell our products to both retail and private clients that are willing to buy 1kg at a time. For more detail, please see our website.

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