Introducing DSTV Installers Cape Town

DSTV Installers Cape Town brings the enjoyment and entertainment of DSTV to viewers in and around Cape Town. We provide fast and efficient DSTV installation services, with all calls and services carried out by highly professional, experienced staff. We also offer the removal your old satellite dish, from either a roof or a wall, as well as the disposal of old equipment.

DSTV Installers Cape Town has been fitting and repairing satellite systems with excellent success, since the days that DSTV was unheard of! Clients can trust that we have an innate and intuitive understanding of digital technologies unlike other companies, and our years of experience are testament to our exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Whether you want a DSTV, OVHD or TopTV system installed or need to discuss which option is best suited to your needs, we are happy to help!

DSTV Installers Cape Town provide services ot both commercial and domestic sectors needing satellite installation or repair work to be done. We cover small domestic DSTV installations as well as commercial group installations such as restaurants, guest houses and large hotels.

Our services and products

Our highly skilled and helpful technicians work daily throughout Cape Town, so we are able to provide a same-day appointment.

Our products and services include the following:

  • DSTV dish installation
  • Digital TV Aerial Installations & Repairs
  • Twin Upgrade
  • Explora Upgrade
  • 4U Decoder package
  • Explora package
  • Double 4U Decoder package
  • Explora and 4U package
  • Explora with XtraView package

If you would like more information on our various affordable and reliable packages, please feel free to visit our website or contact the 24-hour DSTV Installers Cape Town hotline – we look forward to hearing from you!


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